Our Services

What We Do...

Working with small to medium sized hotels we help maximize their market potential and ensure total profitability for their property.

We achieve this through our core services. 

We take the time to listen to our hotel owners and tailor services to meet their individual needs. 

We Deliver A Process That Is Straight forward And Results Driven 




Starting with the initial consultation, we are able to collect valuable information which gives us a snapshot of your hotel and your areas of struggle.




Hotel Overview

Our hotel overview allows us to uncover any additional issues in your hotel's operation - sales, operations, or training related. 



Customized Strategy

We customize a sales strategy using our list of core services. Our strategy is based on our team's findings during the hotel overview and your initial concerns. 




We don't stop there - ongoing communication is provided  to track you hotel's performance and ROIs. Our goal is to keep your property visible and profitable in your local market.

Our Process...

Want To See More?

After our consultation our team takes your list of concerns and performs their own detailed top to bottom sweep of your operation. This can take place in market or remote. The goal is to uncover any additional issues that need to be address. 

Committed to your hotel's total success, we will track our performance and your ROI's through weekly and monthly communication. 

Based on the information found during the total hotel overview our team will develop an action plan to address each uncovered issue. 

Reach us Directly via phone or email. Our responsive team is ready to chat! We'll listen to you and discuss your areas of concern  regarding your hotel's sales performance, operational issues, or any potential training needs.

Contact us... and let's work together     833-687-3433     info@totalhotelsales.com